As the sun generates energy, your land can generate income.

The US has experienced unprecedented solar growth in recent years, and Beltline Energy is uniquely equipped to help landowners capitalize on this growth. A Georgia-based company, Beltline is an experienced leader that landowners can rely on to determine if solar is a viable option for their landholding.

With an initial call, Beltline can provide the Landowner with a preliminary overview of the solar program available to their landholding. We can then craft a customized lease or purchase agreement and then the design and capture of a solar project. Throughout the process, Beltline seeks to marry the landowner’s interests with the requirements of the solar project.

Beltline has successfully developed or originated 39 solar projects with the Georgia Power Company in over two dozen communities across Georgia. 



Beltline Project Origination Process: 

1.  Preliminary Program Overview
Each landowner relationship is initiated with an introductory meeting where Beltline provides an overview of the solar program best suited for your landholding and a thorough description of how the solar project would impact your property.

2.   Land Suitability Analysis
As the Landowners research and conduct due diligence on Beltline Energy, we conduct a thorough battery of due diligence activities on each project site to confirm the property is suitable for a solar development.

3.   Custom Contract Creation
The land option agreement, or site control document, governs the relationship between the Landowner and the solar project. We customize land option agreements tailored to each landowner’s specific land usage requirements.

4.   Project Origination/Capture
Beltline’s robust site viability analysis and due diligence process insure each land tract developed by our team is optimally positioned to secure a project within the solar program offered by the electric utility company.