Beltline Energy (“Beltline”) is a Georgia-based solar development firm with over 250MWs and $500M of project experience developing solar power generation facilities in the Southeastern US. 

Beltline was founded in direct response to the development of the Georgia solar market and his quickly assumed a leadership role in the Georgia renewable energy industry. 

Beltline uses technical expertise, strong local relationships, and focused project due diligence to develop, build, and own quality solar projects across Georgia and the Southeast. 

Beltline solar developments deliver low cost clean energy to local communities, expand the tax base of the counties in which we work, and provide premium land prices to the landowners that contract with Beltline Energy. 

Beltline has successfully developed or originated 39 solar projects with the Georgia Power Company in over two dozen communities across Georgia. These projects represent over $150M in solar investment in Middle and South Georgia counties.